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The adventures of John Storm and the Elizabeth Swann. John Storm is an ocean adventurer and conservationist. The Elizabeth Swann is a fast solar powered boat. During a race around the world, news of the sinking of a pirate whaling ship reaches John Storm and his mate Dan Hawk. They decide to abandon the race and try and save the whale. This is a modern Moby Dick, the twist being that there is a happy ending for everyone featuring this $Billion Dollar Whale, even the whalers. Herman Melville would approve.






In the scene, we find out that international bookies have also tuned into the Kulu Luna story, realizing the opportunity that the live event poses for gamblers. 


The bookies begin by offering odds as to whether the giant whale will survive, or if another Japanese whaling boat sent out by black market bosses (after the sinking of the Suzy Wong) will catch and kill the giant whale.


The black market meat dealers in Japan had already offered a $1,000,000 million dollar bounty as a reward for killing the warrior whale and bringing back the meat. This was the enticement to get the crew of the Jonah to risk a deepwater hunt, funded by the prospect of the catch.


Conservationists around the world are shocked at how betting organizations have turned what is a conservation calamity into a blood sport event - when whaling is internationally illegal.


The odds given by LadBet International and other online bookies started as 2:1 against Kulo Luna surviving on the tote board, but as distance between the 'Jonah' closes on the whale's predicted progress, the odds increased to 30:1 against the whale making it, and then to 50:1.


Odds on the pirates catching and killing the giant whale were held to be a sure thing.


LadBet were offering 500:1 against Kulo Luna sinking the 2nd pirate chase boat: Jonah


In very short order, the total value of bets placed world-wide passed the $100 million dollar mark, then $200 million, then $300 million.


At this point the press named Kulo Luna "the $billion dollar whale," where the payout could easily exceed one billion dollars, depending on what happens - and the bets were still coming in - the odds being offered were changing daily with each news update.



NOTE TO ILLUSTRATORS: When placing a bet, the odds you are given at the time of purchasing a ticket must be honored by the bet taking organization. It becomes a contract that is legally binding. It can be a risky business for any betting business if they get their calculations wrong, where the person betting can only lose their original stake - being the price of their ticket.


As with the stock markets, odds change on a minute by minute basis to reflect news of events as they unfold.




For this scene, aim for 2 pages (sides) and 5 illustrations, suggested as:


1. Helicopter searching the sea on a grey day at dawn. [View from inside cabin, or view from above and behind looking forward down to the sea]

2. Sky news report with Brian Bassett - $1 million bounty by Japanese cartel, betting topped $100 million dollars.

3. Ladbet International odds inside their HQ

4. Close up of pilots in helicopter looking at each other. [Caption: "I bet $100 on the Cartel."]

5. Jill Bird, BBC news - shocking that life and death struggle has turned into a sporting event. [Caption: "For my money, I'm backing the $Billion Dollar Whale."]


These headings are only to guide you - to help you to plan your layout.

















The Shard Protest

Scene 1

Climate Change

1st Chapter

Scene 2

Sydney Australia

Scene 3

Bat Cave

Scene 4

Aleutian Islands

Scene 5





Scene 6

Solar Boat Race

2nd Chapter

Scene 7

Darwin to Adelaide

Scene 8

Six Pack




Scene 9

Whaling Chase

3rd Chapter

Scene 10

Empty Ocean

Scene 11

$Billion Dollar Whale

Scene 12

Rash Move




Scene 13

Off Course

4th Chapter

Scene 14

Shark Attack

Scene 15

Sick Whale

Scene 16

Medical SOS

Scene 17

Whale Nurse




Scene 18

Storm Clouds

5th Chapter

Scene 19

The Coral Sea

Scene 20

Plastic Island

Scene 21

Media Hounds

Scene 22

Breach of Contract (optional)

Scene 23

Fraser Island

Scene 24








For this scene, aim for 2 pages (sides) and 4 illustrations, suggested as:


1. Sky news, Brian Bassett, reporting on whale sinking whaling boat in the Philippine Sea and Ladbet International odds, studio with backdrop of search and rescue helicopters.

2. Helicopter pilots searching the sea, view across pilots out to sea as they bank to turn, talking about placing a bet.

3. BBC news broadcaster Jill Bird, reporting on whale betting payouts could pass $Billion dollars, her money is on the whale.

4. Newspaper headlines the next day, $350 million dollars riding on missing whale.


These headings are only to guide you - to help you to plan your layout - if you fancy illustrating this scene.









Elizabeth Swan

Solar/Wind powered trimaran

John Storm

Khufu Kraft

Solar powered trimaran

Abdullah Amir

Photon Planet

Solar powered trimaran

Lars Johansson


Solar/Wind powered catamaran

Ben Jackson


Solar/Wind trimaran

Sarah-Louise Jones


Solar/Wind powered catamaran

Jean Bardot












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