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The adventures of John Storm and the Elizabeth Swann. John Storm is an ocean adventurer and conservationist. The Elizabeth Swann is a fast solar powered boat. During a race around the world, news of the sinking of a pirate whaling ship reaches John Storm and his mate Dan Hawk. They decide to abandon the race and try and save the whale, in what turns out to be a rescue mission with a happy ending.



This is a proposal for an illustrated story book for children, where the chapter sequence is simplified, to cater to a younger audience.


We'll be aiming for one page of large text, and one illustration (aiming for 270mm x 210mm print landscape) per story page, alternating, so that text describing the story is followed by a picture to help the youngsters imagine what is happening.








Illustration(s) 1

Climate Change & whales eating plastic in the Arctic

Illustrations 2

Sydney Australia John Storm's inheritance challenge

Illustrations 3

Migration Map of the migration route with whales, etc

Illustrations 4

Pirates fishing boats leaving Nagasaki to search for whales

Illustrations 5

Solar Boat Race Sand Island, Hawaii, Planet Solar anchored

Illustrations 6

Six Pack Start of the solar boat race with six entries

Illustrations 7

Whaling Chase Shui captures Kana, Kulo sinks Suzy Wong

Illustrations 8

$Billion Dollar Whale BBC news report on whale betting

Illustrations 9

Rash Move John abandons race lead to rescue injured whale

Illustrations 10

Shark Attack John finds whale surrounded by sharks & rescues

Illustrations 11

Medical SOS Whale is not well, so John calls in marine biologist

Illustrations 12

Whale Nurse Whale is pregnant, needs stomach pump for plastic

Illustrations 13

Storm Clouds Whale recovers strength but storm looms

Illustrations 14

The Coral Sea Elizabeth Swann is damaged in hurricane storm

Illustrations 15

Plastic Island Ocean Shepherd & Jonah get tangled in ghost nets

Illustrations 16

Media Hounds

Illustrations 17

Fraser Island

Illustrations 18

A Happy Ending



For story development purposes, the above is a Road Map guide for artists and writers with short descriptions for the graphic novel. Below is the full text for the same chapters, to help imagine the associated illustration(s) for a shorter children's book of around 36 pages, to include 18 illustrations, plus cover art.










Chapter 1

Arctic Ice Melt & Plastic

580 W, 750 N

Chapter 2

Inheritance Challenge

330 S, 1510 E

Chapter 3

Whales Aleutian Isl, Bering Sea

200 N, 1600 W

Chapter 4

Pirates leave Japan

330 N, 1290 E

Chapter 5

Solar Boat Race

200 N, 1600 W

Chapter 6

Six Pack

200 N, 1600 W

Chapter 7

Whaling Chase

240 N, 1410 E

Chapter 8

Billion Dollar Whale

250 N, 1250 E

Chapter 9

Rash Move

140 N, 1800 E

Chapter 10

Shark Attack

100 N, 1650 E

Chapter 11

Medical SOS

100 N, 1650 E

Chapter 12

Whale Nurse

100 N, 1650 E

Chapter 13

Storm Clouds

150 S, 1550 E

Chapter 14

The Coral Sea

150 S, 1570 E

Chapter 15

Plastic Island

20 S, 1600

Chapter 16

Media Hounds

170 S, 1780E

Chapter 17

Fraser Island

250 S, 1530 E

Chapter 18

Happy Ending

250 S, 1530 E






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