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Steve Green is a hard nosed reporter with a heart of gold




Steve Green is an advocate of eco transport and media campaigner against the extinction of species caused by global warming. He is also an award winning reporter and friends with Charley Temple (his eyes and ears) and John Storm - also an advocate of zero carbon vehicles.


In this story he is forty-something, of African descent, American (Denzel Washington look-alike) slim athletic build, and very well connected in media circles. He sports a moustache and sometimes wears dark framed glasses as a preference.


He begins to take on board the views of Charley as to waste and the suffering plastic pollution is causing to marine life and starving millions who can no longer safely enjoy seafood.


But his thing in life is investigating stories and telling it like it is. He loves undoing corrupt politicians and has a nose for when they are covering up.


He lives is a time when there are plenty more heartbreak stories to tell. Some of which, even make Steve reluctant to cover, such the increasing frequency of cannibalism. He'd rather concentrate on the root cause of the problem: global warming that is making deserts of arable land, deforestation and pollution that is poisoning our ecosystem.













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